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Hi, you may have already answered this, but why is that guy your face claim and not robert?


Because David Gandy looks like Tony Stark if he stepped directly out of the comic books. And where I’m not refuting RDJ (I really do love the man), my blog is for 616, so I need a fc that looks like Tony, and David Gandy fits the bill. Only problem is that finding gifs of him requires you to sell your soul.



Night Vale podcast knows suspiciously much about hearts…

Images from Google, combos made by me

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Winter is coming. 

and winter is fine

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By far my favorite HIMYM interview.

lolz the look of recognition is priceless

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self makeover

Well damn.

………..he doesnt even look like the same fucking person…what kind of sorcery is this

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There needs to be a bar or club or something that when you walk in there’s a rack of different color wristbands with words like “I looking for-“

  • girls
  • boys
  • trans
  • anyone
  • no one
  • friends
  • etc

So that everyone would know who’s looking for who.


"Hey that girl is cute. And her wristband says she’s also looking for a girl. Sweet!”


"He’s cute, but his wristband says girls. Oh well."

you are the future

i would totally go there, JEN LETS OPEN IT!!

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I’ve been on both sides of this conversation

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look like thor

omg his instagram should be snatched

One yt boy worthy of my attention.

who the fuck is this!?!



he is so totally fuckable


so for some reason the avengers have to go undercover to a strip club and lbr here tony totally hacked into shield and changed coulson’s assignment from innocent bystander to the main stripper of the night

anyway the point of this post is imagining tony giving a very flustered steve a lapdance to this song

and steve is blushing of course and his hands are clenching over the edge of the seat and tony keeps smiling all coy and flirty and he keeps moving to the music like liquid freaking sex and his hip movements are appallingly sexy actually everything about the man is incredibly sexy and steve already knows that but now its ALL UP IN HIS FACE AND STEVE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT

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5 Unconventional Drag Stars That Changed The Face Of Drag Forever


1. Raja: This queen won the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and rightfully so. Her statuesque “stomp the runway” and eclectic looks made her a front runner every time on her season. Never willing to conform and never giving a fuck about what people have to say, Raja has proven she is a force…

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